- Credits -

A happy anthropomorphic axolotl with lavender skin, medium-length black hair that covers one eye, a black beanie, a black choker, and a black T-shirt with a white X design.

i'm axollyon! i created this comic, and do the art, writing, and code.

A happy anthropomorphic rabbit with white fur, long curly blonde hair, cross-shaped antlers, a pink halo, gold glasses, gold eyelashes, a black choker, and a green t-shirt. One of their eyes is closed, winking.

hiii, it's bunnitine! i help with character designing and other SECRET things...

= Additional Credits =

Main Font:
Flabby Bums Handwriting by S├ębastien Alleaume

Dyslexia-Friendly Font:
OpenDyslexic by Abbie Gonzalez

Code Libraries:
textillate.js by Jordan Schroter (with modifications)
animate.css by Daniel Eden
lettering.js by Paravel
JsBarcode by Johan Lindell