i'm adri. i use they/she pronouns, and i like making things on the internet. (i also really like axolotls, in case that wasn't clear.) i've made a good number of things online over the years, like video game mods, art, and other weird projects.

throughout the mid-to-late 2010s, i focused primarily on releasing mods for games on the steam workshop. overall, they got about 60 thousand downloads total. you might know me from that era by my old username, Axonium.

i moved away from this around 2020, and shifted towards super mario 64 romhacking for a few years. i released a few games of my own, but my biggest contribution to this community was founding an organization dedicated to hosting game jam competitions for sm64 romhacks, known as Mario Jams. over 90 games have been created for these competitions so far. i'm also a staff member for the website run by SimpleFlips, and i'm the designer of its logo.

at the end of 2023, i retired from romhacking, though i'm still part of the community. at the moment, i'm working on finding my new stride! i released my first standalone video game, MOWED, with my friend SpK. i'm working on my own original interactive webcomic, BENEATH YOU. i'd like to make more games in the future, too.

if you're interested in any of this and would like to keep up to date with what i do in the future, follow my tumblr blog! thanks!